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How we got here:

THE MOUSE HOUSE:  I have been collecting psychedelic posters since 1970.  Living in Detroit, I discovered the Mouse House, a head shop that had been established by Stanley Mouse (Stan Miller) and was staffed by his parents, Mouse  being busy making art in San Francisco.  Stan would send posters to the store - mostly Family Dog series posters, plus whatever press proofs he could get his hands on. Mouse was a prolific source of partial prints, printing errors, and unique variants of the posters that we have today.

THE BIG FIVE:  The Mouse House introduced me to the "Big Five" psychedelic artists of the San Francisco scene.  Mouse, his partner Alton Kelley, surf cartoonist  and then Christian interpreter Rick Griffin, underground comic artist Victor Moscoso, and Wes Wilson.  I eventually focused my collection on Mouse and Griffin, although all five artists are well represented.   As time went on, other artists were included.  

FRANK KOZIK.  L'Imagerie Gallery in  LA introduced me to the early work of Texas artist Frank Kozik. His work from the 1980s, as well as later work is also offered in this store, although it bears no relation to the Summer of Love. 

CONTEMPORARY POSTER ARTISTS.  I also have collected work of contemporary poster artists, such as Dave Glass, a Philadelphia punk rock musician and artist, and Adam Turkel.

THE FILLMORE and THE AVALON BALLROOM.   The first thing (or two things) that a psychedelic poster collector encounters is the numbered series.  There are two primary series of posters:  The Bill Graham (promoter) series of posters for the Fillmore Auditorium in San Francisco (the Fillmore West).  This series spans the period 1966 to 1973 and documents 289 different events.  The FAMILY DOG series documents events at the Avalon Ballroom in San Francisco from 1965 to 1970 (147 posters) plus Family Dog events in Denver, Colorado.  Other numbered series exist, such as Victor Moscoso's Neon Rose series (1966-1968), and Alton Kelley's Dinosaurs series (1982-1983).  I never committed myself to collecting the Bill Graham or Family Dog series of posters.  Partly, this was because the sheer number of posters would put the endeavor out of my reach financially.  Another reason is that collecting the series would be more about "collecting" and less about aesthetics and art -- I would have to buy posters without regard to the quality of the art or the aesthetic appeal of the images.  As a result, the vast majority of my collection are not in the Bill Graham and Family Dog series.

WHERE DID I GET THEM?  After the Mouse House closed, I made purchases from many, if not all, of the biggest poster dealers:  the Psychedelic Shop, Ben Friedman's Postermat, the Print Mint, Artrock, the Psychedelic Solution Gallery, and L'Imagerie.

WHY AM I SELLING THEM NOW?   I recently retired from my day job, and decided to start selling off the poster collection to supplement my income.  Summer of Love Posters is the result.  The e-store went live on March 7, 2014 with five items for sale and a non-functional shopping cart.  

INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING:   .Please email me for shipping cost.  I will charge the exact amount, with no packing fees.  My store software cannot calculate international shipping.