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  • Gospel of John - Second

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    GOSPEL OF JOHN - SECOND PRINTING.  1981(?)  A collaboration of artist Rick Griffin and Maranatha! Music of Costa Mesa, California.  Fully illustrated in color by Rick Griffin, it was his passion and his living for a good while in the late 1970's.  This 24-page book/magazine bore the fruit of Griffin's Christian period.  There are forty-three illustrations, including the chapter headings.  The paintings produced for this project are the finest examples of Griffin's painting output, and the printing quality is excellent.  A pre-publication version of this was printed on newsprint in a larger size.  The book/magazine being offered here is regarded as the second printing. When the first printing of "Gospel of John" sold out, it was reprinted by "The Word For Today" of Costa Mesa, California.  The reprint is easily identified by the addition of the publisher's name and address on the back cover, as well as a barcode and ISBN number.  A magnificent hardcover edition was published in 2008.   Whatever your religious affiliation, if any, this is an artistic masterpiece.  I have included five images with this listing, including the front cover and the back cover (Millions Set Free).   Near mint condition.