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  • Grateful Dead Christmas postcard uncut sheet

    $95.00 $55.00

    17" x 22" A full sheet of twelve postcards printed for the Grateful Dead in 1986 to send to their friends and fans.  Artwork by Rick Griffin -  a reworking of Rembrandt;'s Night Watch.   Made in 1986.  The postcard backs and holiday message are printed on the reverse.  Part of the fun of collecting posters is finding unusual items that come out of the press room and are not intended to be used for retail or the original purpose of the print.  Sometimes these are printing errors, sometimes they are good prints but uncut or untrimmed.  Sometimes proofs are run to test color or registration.  Sometimes parts of different posters appear on the same sheet or on opposite sides of the same sheet.  For convenience I will refer to any of these as "press sheets."  Enough of these Grateful Dead postcard sheets are around that I suspect that they were not needed for the Dead's mailing list and so were delivered uncut and distributed to poster outlets.  This is available at Wolfgang's Vault for $110.