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Hawaiian Aoxomoxoa - Rick Griffin

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Not known for sure whether this is the "real" second printing or a beautiful copy of the second printing.  it does not have the irregular line in the left margin.  This was obtained from a reputable source in the early 1980's.  Price drastically reduced.  Frankly, I disagree with the explanation that Rick Griffin and Jose spent a lot of time getting this second printing just right, but left the imperfections in the left margin, which could have easily been corrected.  And, why would the bootleg second printing not have the imperfection in the left margin -  wouldn't the bootleg simply photocopy the original and print it as is?   PLUS -- my friends at the ********* Gallery (before they closed) were of the opinion that there was no obvious difference between the true second printing and the bootleg second printings, without examining them side by side.  So I may be alone in my opinion that I am selling true second printings of this poster.  Don't buy it if you have any doubts, and don't return it please.  Incidentally, I have found other inaccuracies by experts in the Family Dog and Fillmore series posters - posters I bought directly from Mouse in the 1970's have characteristics that the experts attribute to reprints in the 1980s.