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Invisible Circus

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ONLY ONE AVAILABLE  The Invisible Circus - An Environmental Community Happening, sponsored by the Diggers, Artists Liberation  Front, and the Glide Foundation, February 24, 1967.  Art by Dave Hodges.  14.5 x 19.875 inches.  This was the week after the Human Be-In - and a preparation for the Summer of Love.

A printing by the San Francisco Poster Company in the early 1970s.  Printed in England from the original plates. 

Regarded by some as "pirate" prints, San Francisco Poster Company posters are collectible, but do not command the high prices of first printings.  SFPC posters always bear the legend "San Francisco Poster Company" in the margins, and in many cases use different colors than the first printings.  There was never any intention to pass these off as first printings.

I have 23 posters from this series, many in very low quantity (less than 10). 

These posters are the only posters in my collection that may not be considered "originals."