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  • Museum of Rock Art exhibition catalog

    $35.00 $17.50

    A promotional ploy if I ever saw one, but here it is:  The new Chrysler Corporation presents te Museum of Rock Art Daytona Beach / Florida March 7 through March 28, 1982.  This eight-page 8-1/2 x 11 catalog features an outstanding original painting by Rick Griffin on its cover.  This cover art was also produced as a large poster. The catalog lists the three hundred works of art included in the exhibition.  Only two works of Stanley Mouse were included -- probably because he didn't own the rights to those particular works.  The program/catalog is in near mint condition.  There is a soft bend across the middle, due to a mail-in coupon that is attached inside.  The coupon is for a free poster if you take a test drive and have your dealer validate the coupon.  (due to technical limitations in this website, the invoice will show a $9 shipping charge.  Actual shipping charge is $5.00 - I will refund $4 to your paypal account).