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Ninth Wave poster (raspberry)

$45.00 $30.00

Ninth Wave - black on on bright raspberry paper.  This poster was produced to advertise and commemorate Rick Griffin's solo show at the Psychedelic Solution Gallery in New York in 1986 (opening October 30, 1986)  The poster measures 22.75" x 15."  Most of the poster run was printed with black ink on white poster stock, but a few were printed on various other papers of different colors, textures and weights, in limited numbers.  At least eight different versions are known to exist.  The imagery of the poster is remarkable.  In almost illegible lettering, the words "graphic tsunami" dominate the poster - a tidal wave of India ink inundating New York City.  The concept of the "ninth wave" comes from the belief or observation that every ninth wave is larger than the other intervening waves, so surfers will often pass on decent waves, waiting for the larger Ninth Wave.  Rick Griffin's art was indeed the Ninth Wave of psychedelic art.   I really like this beautiful fuscia variant.