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  • Stanislaw SZUKALSKI - two postcards

    $6.00 $4.00

    Stanislav Szukalski (1893-1987) was born in Warta, Poland.  By age six, he was recognized as an art prodigy. He emigrated to Chicago in his teens. His first monograph was published in 1923 (which now sells for over $500).  In the 1930s Poland established a museum dedicated to Szukalski.  He returned to Poland but was soon forced to flee when the Nazis laid siege to Warsaw.  All of his work up to that point was lost in the war.  He and his wife escaped to America living in California in poverty and total obscurity.  He was rediscovered by artist Glenn Bray, who helped him publish two more books.  Among his friends were San Francisco artist Rick Griffin, and Jacaeber Kastor, and artist, publisher, and gallery owner.  He died on May 19, 1987, and his wife died a year later.  Some of his close friends were Glenn Bray, Lena Zwalve, Robert and Suzanne Williams, Rick Griffin and Camille Houston.    Kastor arranged for a posthumous show at his New York Gallery (Psychedelic Solution) and authored another book about Szukalski entitled +Song of the Mute Singer” which served as the exhibition catalog for the 1989 show. The red postcard (5 x 7 inches) is the cover image of this book.   While he is not a “psychedelic” artist, he is definitely an outsider artist with fascinating imagery.  You can read more about him at