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Stanley Mouse silkscreen monoprint (#2)

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A silkscreen monoprint (one of a kind) of the poster for Mouse's exhibit at the Detroit Institute of Art in 1970.  Mouse grew up in Detroit and went to art school there.  Measures 17.5 x 23 inches.  Only one available (obviously), but another monoprint will be listed.  This is a Version B print as described below:

Stanley Mouse poster for his exhibition at the Detroit Institute of Arts in 1970.  “The Graphic Works of Stanley Mouse – in collaboration with Alton Kelley.”  There were two versions of the poster, both of which were hand printed by Mouse using the same silkscreen image.  Both versions can be considered to be monoprints, because the printing ink was spread across the screen by hand in an irregular way using different color combinations.  Each print is unique.  Version “A” was printed this way and signed by Mouse.  Version “B” was not signed, and was produced during the process of cleaning the screens (the screen had to be cleaned after each “A” print.  A third variant, printed in black ink on white paper, was made in very small numbers – maybe a maximum of ten prints.  This item is one of the studio prints.  I acquired it from Mouse’s Detroit headshop “The Mouse House,” which was being run by Mouse’s mother in the 1970’s.  Mouse was in the habit of grabbing proof prints, print errors, and overprints from the print shops, and from his own studio, and sending them to the Mouse House for his mom to sell.

I couldn’t find any references to this poster on the internet.  An example of the poster appears in the “Mouse and Kelley” book (p 34) published in 1979.