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Psychedelic Solution (poster) Rick Griffin

$29.00 $20.00

The Cryin' Eye, or "The eternal river of tears, shed by the all seeing eye, inside the symbol of eternal life."  was a logo of the Psychedelic Solution Gallery in New York City.  The front of the card features a scarab-like frame, with an eye in a pyramid dripping tears onto a fast landscape, forming a river.  Above the image is a dictionary definition of "Psychedelic" and below the image is the dictionary definition of "Solution."  This image, by Rick Griffin (drawn in 1987), was used by the Psychedelic Solution Gallery on posters, handbills, stickers, bags, business cards, etc.  It measures 22.25" x 15.75."  Printed in purple ink on an orange background on white cardstock.  This poster is available at Wolfgang's Vault for $35.