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Terms & Conditions

INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING:   .Please email me for shipping cost.  I will charge the exact amount, with no packing fees.  My store software cannot calculate international shipping.  Posters shipped to the EU are usually $24.50.

RETURNS:   If you receive an item that has been damaged in shipping or otherwise not as described, contact me.  Damaged items will be replaced, if possible.  You have to pay the return shipping, but I will pay shipping on the replacement.  Anything not covered by the previous statement will be negotiated and handled fairly.

ORIGINALS:  Each item offered on this site is guaranteed to be an original vintage printing, unless it is specifically described as a reprint.  Many psychedelic posters were printed several times:  one or more times before the concert or event, and one or more times after the concert or event.  For the numbered series posters, I defer to Eric King's "Guide" to identify posters as original or reprints.  These vintage authorized reprints are valuable and collectible but do not command as high a price as first printings.  The bottom line is:  everything will be described with as much accuracy as possible, and no modern copies or fakes are tolerated here.

CONDITION:  Most of my posters and cards are offered as "NEAR MINT."  This means that they are unused - they will not have tack holes, rips, tape or tape residue, or creases.  These posters and cards are 40, 50, and 60 years old and have probably been handled, stored, and shipped several times.  This takes its toll on paper, especially of the paper is thin and/or glossy.  The corners are likely to lose their "just-cut" sharpness.  Small corner bends and edge bumps occur, as well as slight handling wrinkles on thin glossy posters.  These minor conditions are not always mentioned -- I often don't notice them.  If you can't tolerate anything except "just off the press mint," you should probably shop elsewhere.  My pricing is always discounted and you will not find a better value.  

I also will be offering a few rare posters that have been tacked or stapled to a wall or post, or have sustained other damage - these I will describe in detail and price very fairly.  

SAN FRANCISCO POSTER COMPANY:  There is also the case of the "San Francisco Poster Company."  This is a situation where the printing company had a disagreement with the concert promoter, and felt justified in printing additional posters in order to make up for a perceived shortfall in payment for the original posters.  Around thirty different posters were reprinted in 1968 this disputed manner.  All are clearly marked "San Francisco Poster Company" to distinguish them from the first printings, and many of the posters were printed in colors different from the first printings.  All of these posters were printed using the original lithographic plates, and no attempt was made to pass these off as originals.  While these posters are technically not "authorized," they are vintage printings and are collectible in their own right.  I will be offering a number of these posters on this site.  More information on this episode is available on the internet.  

PSYCHEDELIC SOLUTION GALLERY:  I will also be offering posters and postcards that were published by the Psychedelic Solution Gallery in New York to advertise their own gallery exhibits.  The Psychedelic Solution also published authorized second printings of (a) the Grateful Dead at Shea's in Buffalo, and (b) the Grateful Dead with Blue Cheer at the Shrine LA.   These high quality reprints are collectible, and have been increasing in value over the years.  They are usually described as "Second Printing."

CLASSICO SAN FRANCISCO:  Classico San Francisco is a postcard company  that has reprinted many vintage posters, handbills, postcards, backstage passes, etc., as postcards -- another instance of authorized reprints.  Many of these are posters that are virtually impossible to find as original posters. These postcards are not likely to increase in value, but are nice reference prints -- like when art museums sell postcards of their paintings.